Inclusive Heathen podcast containing a healthy dose of geekery, a fair bit of cake and a hint of queer, by Suzanne Martin, the Gytha in Jeans, and a Coffee-Powered Druid called Kate Coldwind.

Welcome around the virtual campfire!

Episode 130 Dress to Impress


Things we talk about in this episode:

Opening Music:

'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.


Closing Music:

'Round II - The Ancients' by Learning Music, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence


Background fire ambience by inchadney from


ICAO pronunciations of numbers and the phonetic alphabet:

Microsoft Flight Simulator - other simulators are available:

"Thirteen!" It's a reference to the Thirteenth Legion - XIII Gemina - as featured in the HBO TV series 'Rome'. Disclaimer: to our knowledge neither Suzanne or Kate have served in the Roman Army, but we did like the show.

You can find Awaken The North at:

Slay and Not Play - a reference to RuPaul:

Erik the Red, Chapter 4 (1880 Translation by J. Sephton):

Franks Casket:


Frithcast on Facebook:


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