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Episode 101 A Trip Around Jorvik I


Things we talk about in this episode:

Opening Music:

'Ancient Whispers I' by P C III, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.


Closing Music:

'Round II - The Ancients' by Learning Music, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence


Background fire ambience by inchadney from


Ornithopters: In the real world,  and, in Dune specifically, 
"Delicious Friends": A signature phrase used in the browser game Fallen London, by Failbetter Games, and its standalone spinoffs Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies. 

Mentour Pilot - The online persona of Swedish 737 pilot Petter Hörnfeldt, who creates YouTube videos exploring various aspects of commercial aviation for student pilots, aviation enthusiasts and nervous fliers: 

Jorvik Viking Festival - Held yearly (outwith global pandemics) by the Jorvik Viking Centre: 

Modern York: 

Jorvik Archaeological Dig at Coppergate (1976-1981): 

Woodhenge - except I didn't mean Woodhenge; I meant Seahenge, also known as Holme I: 

"This is the Way" - from "The Mandalorian": 

York Archaeological Trust: 

Harris Matrix: 

Bone Skates:  (scroll through artefacts list - you'll see 'em)

Cowrie shell: 

Torksey pottery/Torksey ware:  (PDF file, will need downloading to read)

Stick or long dice: 

Magnetometer/MAD - 

"Cow Tools" - Cartoon by Gary Larson: 

Joan of Arc - Sword in a Field:  (Jeremy Irons wasn't in it, but John Malkovich was.)

York coin stamp: 


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